LX0-104 tomorrow any advice

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So I passed my LX0-103 exam about 2 weeks ago and thought it was kinda hard but not that bad as I passed :) I'm taking the LX0-104 tomorrow. I've been doing a lot of review and have passed my Transcender practice exams. Hopefully I get enough to pass the exam! Any advice for things to review last minute? Thanks guys! Hoping to finish this off and start my OSCP studies on Nov 5th :)


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    Firstly, good luck tomorrow! Secondly, i've not done the LX0-104 yet, however, what I found massively helped me prepare for the LX0-103 was to write down key points that you've covered in a book. So say for example, in the networing section, you've found that Linux can use ethernet and fibre - write it down. If you write down key points, just one sentence or so, I find they stick in the mind. Around 30 mins before your exam, read through the notes and they'll be fresh in your mind.

    Stuff i'd read hours ago wasn't fresh in my mind, but 30 mins before the exam seemed to be the sweet spot. I was able to recall things i'd noted down 30 mins ago whereas I couldn't remember stuff i'd read a few hours before. I think the art of writing down something you've read in your book helps more than just reading and trying desperately to remember. Sorry if this sounds like obvious advice, but at the time, it helped me a lot. I plan to use the same technique with the LX0-104 when I take it in about 6-8 weeks.
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    Am busy preparing for my LX0-103 but this will be my first Linux exams need your support guys kMastaFlash
    how much did you score for both exams your last update am seeing is when you talk about LX0-103
    Show me the way to go
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    so exam 103 was all MCQ or there was some fill-in blankets ?
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