Whats on your network

Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135

This is a quick list of what is on my network in a secondary school

3 servers 2003 Standard Edition, Admin for 30 staff, Curriculum for 1500 pupils and Application server

150 laptops, 90 for curriculum setup on wireless, 60 staff for home use

25 Base units for admin all win 2000

270 base units, 120 XP Pro 150 Win 2000

2 X Layer 3 and 20 X Layer 2 Netgear switches

We dont have a SUS server as i'm not the manager so i dont call the shots, on a network of this scale should we have another server authenticating users.

Lee H


  • strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
    Depends if you want redundancy and/or quick recovery. Otherwise the work load would not call for it.

    Also depends on how many sites. Usually at least one DC a site should be in place, unless its a very small (less than 5) site and you have reliable network links and users can afford to be down for a period of time.
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