Jr telecoms engineer interview advice

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I have an interview on Friday with my current employer for what the term a Jr telecoms engineer. In my company telecoms means all aspects of ip networks.

This is my first interview for such a position so I'm looking for tips on preparation ie what kinda questions others have been asked in the past for similar roles.

Im currently in service desk and recently passed ccent and sitting ccna shortly. Originally they wanted ccna before interview but they've said I can take it after joining new role as long as it's a commitment I make


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    Well that's a good bargain that they are willing to hire you without the CCNA so long as you get it eventually. What that means is you can expect to be quizzed on CCENT pretty thoroughly. At least that's what you would expect haha. So basically that's all there is to it-- just know your CCENT. If for some reason they quiz you on CCNA topics you have not covered yet, do not bullshit or guess, just say you have not covered that part but here's how you would look it up type of thing.
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    I will agree with koz, don't try to BS your way through anything, be honest. Something I just read, which makes a lot of sense is if you get a question you don't know the answer to, try and remember it. If you get the chance after the interview, go find the answer and respond in an email with the answers. This shows you can learn and are willing to go the extra mile. This is something I have never done before but am going to start doing it in future interviews as I think it is a good way to stand out from other candidates.

    Good Luck!
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    I had my interview today. I think it went well. The troubleshooting section contained a network diagram and they asked my to walk through the steps of trouble shooting each link from end device to server over a few routers and a wan link. I left there thinking I could have said a lot more but interview went over time anyway
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    Yeah troubleshooting scenarios are very common because they want to know how you think in that regard. Since most of what you'll be doing in those types of jobs is troubleshooting it's very important to get someone who is fundamentally sound in that area. Check out this page for future interviews and know it pretty well Troubleshooting TCP/IP - Cisco Systems. Also use Cisco's troubleshooting method for troubleshooting L2(it's in the CCENT Odom book.)

    You could have answered it pretty well though so don't sweat it. Good luck!
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    Got the job! 25% pay rise and moving into the field I want to make a career in
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    Wait a Go ! Congrats Assumed you Aced the interview process
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    Congrats Welly!
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    Excellent news...
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