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What studying materials do you guys suggest for the CEH Cert?


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    I took the class from New Horizons.. it was the normal slideware show. But I dissected the EC Council stuff and divided my time between IoT, Boson and the VCE from Avanset. Don't know how representative the question set is from each of these as it relates to V9, but my exam is scheduled for 11/15 - we'll see.

    I did not care for SkillSet.com materials. I was unable to navigate thru all of the courseware on my machine. It could be something wrong on my end, but the frustrating thing was no customer service. Several tickets submitted along with emails -- but no response. Others may have had varying degrees of success with their stuff.
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    I read a McGraw Hill book (All in One CEH Study Guide). It had about 25% of the material needed. I also did the EC Council materials, but found they were crap. I did some labs and worked with the tools. If I were to do it again, I'd use a different book than the All in One. It really lacked the information needed to pass the exam. It was a nice overview and summary, but it lacked detail.

    There are also quite a few "**** sheets" for the CEH, which goes through details on the material that's on the exam. No questions & answers (braindump), but a bunch of information that you need for it. What kind of scans do what, port #'s, IP ranges, tools for what function, OS commands, nmap commands, etc.. Google for those, and they are pretty good. Not organized in any certain way, though. Good for last minute memorization stuff.

    I passed on the 12th. Barely.
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    Whew yeah my school has a class for the ethical hacking course for grad students. They will pay for our exam. The class doesn't start until January and we take our exam around April. I want to start early though around the end of November.
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