How do you study and prepare for your MS exams?

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Hello all,

How do you study for your exams and how many weeks do you start taking practice tests?

How many hours per day of studying and labbing do you do?

Many thanks,


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    Thank you Sky.

    Informative and helpful as always. :)
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    SkylineZ92 , many thanks for your post here. I am now following your foot steps. I have finished reading the theory part of Installing, Upgrading and Migrating. The problem is that I dont know how to do labs at home, I can go to my study centre twice a week but now have to find a way to do labs at home. Any device on that ?
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    I highly recommend to try and get trials for Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise so you can access the full features such as BitLocker. You need Windows 7 Professional as a minimum so you can join your client computers to the domain.
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    I generally spend between 50 and 100 hours preparing for each MS exam. Occasionally I manage to pass exams with less preparation, but only in areas where I already have years of experience. I don't use practice exams beyond those in the Microsoft training books.
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    In my opinion, official practice tests such as Measure Up and Transcender are extremely helpful in preparing for an exam, also helps build confidence and test taking skills (read questions carefully etc).

    The practice tests in MS training books are too easy and not the kind of questions that will appear in the exam.

    I definitely recommend Transcender.
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    Many thanks, time to rock now icon_smile.gif
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    Thanks to everyone in this Thread, this has been very helpful on my way to the 70-686 exam.
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    Much appreciated. I am going for my MCP, and this guide will help me study correctly. I know it's not a big achievement but I got my MTA in February. Hopefully the MCP will go just a smoothly.

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    @Skyline I have had an attempt at the exam but I got 670/1000 close but not close enough. So I am trying to gather more information atm using this forum as a source of information and comfort in knowing that these aren't the easiest exams for a beginner. It's hard not to be discouraged at first but then I found this forum and its been quite helpful.

    @Mike That's a great start. I wish I went that way to begin with, I jumped in the deep end, and its quite difficult. Keep up the good work and you should do great with your MCP goal. Good Luck.
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    If you are willing to use some virtual pc software it is best option for you to work virtualy. You can download Windows server and windows7 from Microsoft Officail website. You can also download iso file for windows 7
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