CPE Credits?

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I am preparing for my GWAPT (2016) as of now and will be going on to OSCP next year. Idle reading for GWAPT lead me to know that it is valid only for 4 years and then if you get enough CPE's you get another extension. If I remember correctly, it is 32 CPE's.

My question is - Will the CPEs I get post OSCP will count towards GWAPT and it will be renewed for another 4 years (2020+4=2024)?


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    That still does not answer my question mate. What if I do an OSCP after I take the GWAPT? Does it make my GWAPT valid for 8 years?
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    The OSCP will most likely take care of all your CPEs for the GWAPT but you will still need to pay the fee that SANS charges to renew the cert. I think the fee is $300 every 4 years.
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    $399 (7 characters)
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    After reading at the above link I'm under the impression that OSCP alone will not fulfill your 36 CPE hour requirement for renewal because it is not ISO-17024 accredited. However you should email [email protected] and find out for sure.

    Edit: I understand your original question as how do I renew GIAC certs the short answer is you have two options to renew: take the test again or earn 36 CPEs and pay $399 prior to the end of your cert's life span and you'll be good for another 4 years.
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    Awesome! Got my answer. Thanks gwood113, cyberguypr, quogue66!
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