Once Again Fail!

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This morning was my exam got there early and relaxed in my car until the center opened... Right off the bat the first couple questions were easy... Then it went down hill from there. started getting a lot of questions on core, subnet... Had 1 IPV6 question some multi, and drag and drop questions. Half way i thought I screwed up... Towards the end I started getting Hypver-V questions that were easy.

I don't know how I feel right now happy or pissed. I got the same dammm score as last time. I compared my scores from last month and today. Some sections went down a little and some other sections went. I'm thinking since I did better in other sections that brought my score up. I don't know what to think.

I know for sure now I have to really work on the core section more. Since I have so many books which one do you guys think is a good book to review the core section?

I'm going to wait until Dec to take the exam again. I have 2 more tried before I really give up...
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    If there's one thing I've learned from MS exams it's DO NOT RELY ON BOOKS. No one book, or even a combination of several books will get you through these exams. You MUST get the exam objectives, go on technet and lab absolutely everything. Even lab stuff that's not on the objectives. If it's mildly related and on technet, there's a chance it'll be on the exam.

    I passed 70-640 last week with an 815 after failing 6 MS exams in a row. Don't give up. Just change your approach.
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    I personally used CBT Nuggets, the exam reference book and a ton of labbing on each element. I've found the key is to do as much as you can with the GUI, and then replicate it with Powershell.. you can read all about it as much as you want, but until you do the labs it won't ever truly make sense or stick. I personally didn't pass the exam until the 3rd attempt
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    I've got my 70-411 exam tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it. Really want to get my MCSA by end of the year.
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    Louie, that stinks man.

    Have you bee able to lab it more? Server Core is kind of confusing. I found the best way was to build my whole environment using Core and force myself to figure it out.
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    Sorry to hear it. As others have said, look at objectives and then hit up technet and read about all of the cmdlets associated with the objective. If you have problems with certain topics, let us know. We're here to help.
    Check the following link: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn249523(v=wps.630).aspx

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    Hey Louie1277, don't give up man.

    shoot me a pm if you want i'll share with you the books i used to study.
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    Don't feel to bad. Its a tough exam for sure. Its tough to come on here and say you failed, I know it was for me because in my little world I don't fail tests until I came face to face with the 410.

    When you say you need help on the core section can you tell us what the section title is or post an image of your result chart? If its core networking stuff, that part was what worried me too and I beat it by watching subnetting videos on youtube and reading forum posts about how to determine networking info such as, network ID, broadcast, subnet, ranges, etc. The thing I found most helpful to me was videos on the "magic number". I'd watch the videos and solve examples on paper about an hour before going to the testing center.
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    This guy on youtube has some really great videos and he walks you threw with the labs as well.
    It help me a lot.

    I also use this pdf for subnetting.
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    Hey Louie, have you tried using the 410 Transcender Practice Exams? They're kind of expensive but completely worth it in my opinion (for the 410 at least). If I remember right they had quite a bit about Core and Powershell. Every question included detailed explanations. You might want to look into that. As for a good book, the MS Exam Ref book actually was somewhat decent when it came to the Core stuff as well I think. It's a little more of a practical, hands-on book with more lab than theory/explanation, but I thought it did a good job for the 410. Beyond that, I'd read Technet articles and/or look up some YouTube videos on Server Core... Sorry to hear you didn't pass again. Don't give up! I wish you the best of luck on your next attempt!
    All the best,

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    yasir152 wrote: »
    I've got my 70-411 exam tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it. Really want to get my MCSA by end of the year.

    How did you do yasir?
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    Well thank you everyone for the support. This week I started to study once again going over some material. I schedule my next exam the first week of Dec. That should give me enough time to study until then. Plan on studying at least 2 hours a day or something..
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    2012 - *MCSA*(WHO KNOWS WHEN) KEEP FAILING!!!! Not enough time to pass the last 2 exams.
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    Anyone who has taken a MS exam can relate to what you are going through Louie,

    Just Like Pseudonym, i had to take my 70-640 multiple times in order to pass it. I used the MS self-study guide and ran labs and read up on technet. My attempts went something like this:

    attempt #1 - went in, got gut-punched by the exam. discovered that microsoft are very sneaky in the way the write their exam questions, misdirection is the order of the day for them. Also did not do any technet reading for this attempt. After leaving the exam center i purchased transcender's practice exam pack for 70-640

    attempt #2 - felt significantly more prepared this time around, re-read my study material, did a lot more labbing, and read related technet articles. still failed, albeit by less this time.

    attempt #3 - this time i followed the exam objective checklist approach. Combined with Transcender and yet more labbing / technet research i finally passed on my third try. the score wasn't anything to write home about - but i was just so elated from finally passing that i didn't even care!

    *** on a side note, i had a pay-rise letter in my hand that same day from my employer ***

    the moral of the story here is never give up, anything worth having or doing in life doesn't come easy. Chalk up the failed exams as part of your journey - if you dwell on it too much it will affect your studying. In these cases you can be your own worst enemy.

    keep at it, you'll get it next time! :)
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    Don't be afraid to post questions you have about things. We're here to help. Use this community to help you out.
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