If you havent done A+ will it hinder you in the N+

G.O.A.TG.O.A.T Member Posts: 138
I wanted to get a Network based cert, I have the Comptia IT fundamentals cert but didnt go for the A+ as I dont deal with Hardware and dont have too much focus on it. In my current role I dont touch hardware only troubleshoot at the OS side of things. I want to get familiar with Networking and get an entry cert, do you think its wise to jump straight to the N+?


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    I don't think it will matter really, I did A+ first just because. I would suggest it just because some info overlaps and it gives you a good foundation. Not really necessary though.
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    Yeah - That's what I would recommend. Get the N+ if that's what you want to get ramped up on.
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    Yes you can go straight for the N+. A+ won't help you much in N+.
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    You're safe going straight to the Network+
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    There are some things from the A+ on the net+ and something from the A+, Net+ on the sec+, however if you study the Net + you should be fine
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    I've done A+ training while at work but never got the certificate. If you've got a basic familiarity with computers you won't need A+ to get N+
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    I did the same thing and I don't think I missed out on anything. I thought I read somewhere that Network+ was for network technicians and A+ was for workstation support.
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    You'll pickup some more troubleshooting skills by doing the A+ by being able to identify specific hardware/software troubleshooting...But it's your prerogative...I started in IT by getting my A+ certification first. It landed me my first IT job in a health insurance firm, then once I got experience rebuilding Win95/98 boxes, troubleshooting Office 97, and going through Y2K (downloading windows updates via ISDN modem speeds), then I moved on to helpdesk position. CHEERS on whatever you do!
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    I got my Network+ first. Now I'm going for my A+. I would say some of the stuff you learn from the Network+ overlaps into the A+.
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    I got my Network+ first. Now I'm going for my A+. I would say some of the stuff you learn from the Network+ overlaps into the A+.

    I would suggest Sec+ instead of A+ unless you need the A+ for some reason
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