Passed 10-31-2016 Review

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Almost 3 months worth of studying. About 5-6 days a week.

Sybex and Pearson book. Read front to back. Highlighted key terms and paragraphs that I found important.
US Army Skillsoft
ITPROTV (Got to the SDLC part 3)
Transcender Questions and Labs (Virtual sessions)
Pearson Practice Exam
Ebay Practice Exam
CAS-002 iPhone app.

Background - Very little Security background. Worked in IT since 08. Currently a Project Manager so I don't really have much hands on experience. I work with the cyber security division, but mainly for RMF or just inquire about security risks regarding a project.

Tips - If you're not on a deadline, take your time. I would walk around with the CAS-002 app and just answer random questions throughout the day especially in the restroom. I would take screenshots of the ones I missed and I would either reference the book or use google to get an even more in-depth understanding of the logic (All the different attacks and protocols). Don't be afraid to go back in the book and look up an explanation.
Don't get frustrated with the practice exams. I hate studying about something just to take a test right after and then fail everything I thought I learned. You have to accept this as a natural learning experience. At first I was bombing the practice exams. I would do 25 questions at a time, analyze what I missed and then reference the book and highlight the correct answer. Then do it again just to fail again. Again try not to get frustrated with the practice questions if you're failing. Just keep trying. I would master one set of 25 questions and move on, and then go back a few days later and do the original 25 questions. During school, some days I'd be by myself, and one time I wrote out the entire SDLC process on the dry erase board and defined each procedure. When I would get stuck middle of writing it out, I would erase the entire board, reference the book, then write it out again until I got stuck again.

Exam - I don't recall much about SDLC. Do yourself a favor and really go over the different forms of Authentication (SAML, OAUTH, Federation, etc). I can't recall one single question that was on any of my practice exams. Maybe 1 or 2 if I had to put a number to it. I had 10 labs. Fairly easy. I actually forgot to do one. :X. I was about half way through the exam and had to use the restroom really bad. I just went through all the questions I marked and picked the best answer and forgot that I left the labs for last so I didn't mark any of them. The thing is while I was going through the labs the first time, I was able to answer them easily but forgot to mark one of them for review.

I had about an hour left right at the end.

Good luck!

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