VCA-DCV Course material doesn't match the exam

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Has anyone here done the VCA-DCV? I'm not super new to vmware, I have a couple years experience touching it intermittently while working at an MSP, now as an onsite sysadmin I figured I may as well get atleast a basic vmware cert to verify my understanding.

I don't seem to have any issues administering my host or adding a second host to our production network and utilizing features like vMotion.

I did the training through Pluralsight(same as the vmware training on their website) and did every practice test I could find(only once so I'm not just memorizing questions and answers) and always got 90-100% so I figured I was prepared for the exam.

I sat down, paid the $150 for the exam and was pissed because atleast 50% of the questions were not covered under the material I studied. Both text based and video based material provided by Pluralsight(which was provided by vmware).

Are all vmware exams like this? I have an MCSA and a couple CompTIA certs under my belt and they were pretty straight forward. Study the material, do practice tests, pass exam. The Exam is made up of material from the course.

I was doing the Data Center Virtualization course, not the cloud course and there was a bunch of questions from the cloud course plus some stuff from within the vsphere web client that wasn't covered under the course.

For the vSphere web client questions at this point I was so pissed I said screw it and opened my vSphere web client and looked to find what they were referring to, multiple times they asked where things were located and none of the options listed corresponded to our webclient.

ESXi 6.0
Exam is the 1V0-621 one which is for vSphere 6.0

So.. Suggestions? I don't get how I'm supposed to pass this.


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