Passed 11-4-16

azgerazger Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
It was pretty rough and I was sure half way through I was sunk.

I was pretty shocked on how much penetration testing type questions and upper management questions I got, I think I was expecting more networking, VM and storage questions.

I studyied for about 2/12 months with the last half month really buckling down I used Cybary and the CASP Cert Guide book from Troy Mcmillan. I liked Cybary but it was not nearly in depth enough it seemed more like a top level view where I think the book sorta went into to much detail on certain parts. Honestly I fell back on my own experience (and guesses) more then anything learned in the books.

Good luck everyone, Think I'm taking a break from certs for a while.


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