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Is 501 an important cert to have? Why?


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    You mean the GCED? I've never taken the SEC501 course or the GCED exam, but it's considered a generalized cert that's a logical next step from the GSEC, although I think most people just skip over it and go directly to other 500-level courses and their respective exams.
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    I just finished GCED at Sans Singapore October 2016. It's mainly catered for people who want to build on their Info Sec foundations.
    While it was a very good course and Bryce Galbraith was an awesome and excellent instructor, I felt that I could have gotten more out of say 504 (GCIH) for an example as I have a bachelors in Cyber Forensics/Info Sec.

    The course went into areas such as pen test, incident handling and network security but more of a general outline. Hope this helps you in deciding which SANS to take.
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    cyclonis wrote: »
    Is 501 an important cert to have? Why?

    Some people skip the Sans 401 GSEC and go right for the Sans 501 GCED, since it's a higher level certification. Some get both. Personally I do not think it's worth the investment to have both, the money is better spent on other courses. I would caution skipping the GSEC if you do not have a good foundation in security, the GCED is a harder exam and I know people who failed it.
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