70-697 vs 70-698 (Installing W10 vs Configuring W10) - difficulty?

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Hi guys!

Bit of background, I've been in IT a few years but mostly at entry-level Helpdesk roles. I feel I am a beginner in terms of general knowledge.

I just signed up to CBT Nuggets and noticed that they have the 70-698 videos ready, but not the 70-697 quite yet (work in progress). I therefore started watching the 70-698 ones and embarked on that.

I am about 15 videos in, and am finding it increasingly difficult and am struggling. It's frustrating that when I don't understand something from the video, there is nobody I can escalate to or ask from their subscription (I wish they answered questions). I might be a little over my head.

For example, the video on Sideloading Apps, it touches on developing your own basic applications, then using Powershell to load it. But it doesn't mention whether developing a basic application could be in the exam, or how you would actually do that. Many of the Powershell commands are also hard to remember for me in terms of the syntax. I do not have any coding experience or much experience with any GUI that doesn't allow a mouse/KB.

Is the Installing Windows MCP any easier from a starting point? I've installed W10 hundreds of times.

Do people generally buy the Microsoft Study hard-copy study guide from Amazon to go with their video watching? Are there any other good resources?

Thanks so much! :)


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