VMware on AWS

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My current job doesn't use public cloud much, but management knows that I have experience w/ AWS. We use vSphere in our Data Center. This post came out on AWS's blog a few weeks ago and we've been talking about the possibility of using it once it comes out. Was re-reading the post this morning and thought to share it here.

This seems like a good reason for people to jump into AWS/public cloud more. If anything, offerings like AWS and/or Azure could be DR solutions for companies, even if they don't run everyday prod-workloads in the cloud.

Additionally, I know a lot of individuals here have experience, skills, and certs surrounding VMware and are hesitant to throw all that away to learn a new infra paradigm. This partnering allows for people to continue to make use of the knowledge they've obtained in the past, while still expanding to cloud. If anything, this could also be used as a bridge between the two.

What do you guys think?
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