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Hi All,

Been studying for the CISSP for the last month or so and looking to book the exam for around February.

I have 11 years IT experience ranging from service desk, desktop support, team lead and for the last few years 3rd line networks (with a specific focus on Security for the past 18 months). I have my CEH, CCNA R&S and Security as well as a few MCPs.

Current study tactics are a couple of hours revision a day, CISSP for dummies, official CISSP flashcard and questions smartphone app, Cybrary videos and re-reading some of my CEH material.

My question is not study related, more exam booking...

When I schedule the exam through Pearson Vue it asks if I want to become an Associate of ISC2 or not. What's the common practice here? As I don't work with anyone with ISC2 certifications I'll be looking to go through their endorsement process. Confused whether I should become an assosciate at this point or not?

Thanks in advance,


  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Posts: 6,721Mod Mod
    If you don't have the required experience, you would select that box. Based on your experience you do NOT need to select it.
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    Many thanks.

    I presumed that would be the case, just wondered what selecting that would do.
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    I passed CISSP on Saturday Nov 5th. This morning I got the email that they recognized me as "Associate of ISC2"
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