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I'm doing some free practice tests and ofcourse being free you never know the quality of them. I'm pretty sure this one is wrong;
List two vSphere technologies that simplify management in environments with multiple vCenter instances. Choose two
And the options are
vSphere distributed switch
Content library
Distributed Resource Scheduler
Long Distance vMotion

I personally think the answer is Content library and DRS, but it's saying Content library and Long Distance vMotion. I've been pouring over vMotion documentation and I don't see how that answer makes any sense.

Am I wrong? are we both wrong?


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    The question and answer is correct. I think you are mistaken with drs, drs is a technology that is set at the cluster level, it has nothing to do with two vcenters. You cannot use drs at the vcenter level or across vcenters.

    Long distance vmotion does however come into play with multiple vCenters, as does content libraries.
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    Distributed switch would also go past two vCenter instances though would it not? Its about ease of management, and at the cluster level with DRS it would make managing multiple vcenter instances easier. That's my logic, but its incorrect?
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    Drs and vds are completely different. They are asking about drs which load balances workload on a cluster basted off the setting you configure. No where does it ask about vds which is virtual distributed switch.

    No drs does not go across vcenters it's only at the cluster level.
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    I get that, sorry I was unclear. I meant by your reasoning would a distributed switch not also cross multiple vCenter instances thus meeting the criteria?

    I understand your reasoning as to why I'm wrong, I'm just utilizing your reasoning and not understanding why Long Distance vMotion is right instead of vSphere distributed switch?
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    vds is per vcenter it is not necessary for cross vcenter vmotion. vSphere 6.0 Documentation Center

    So yes a vds helps management of a single vcenter it has nothing to do with two vcenters and in fact in 6.0 cross vcenter vmotion can happen with a standard or distributed switch.

    Sorry I knew what you meant but didn't realize vds was on the answer list.
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    Thanks for the clarification!

    If you have a second I came across another one and I've been googling answers for over an hour and have not made any progress towards an answer.

    Which three are prerequisites to use vmware remote console?
    • Virtual Machine is powered on
    • VMware tools installation ISO attached
    • Network IP Configured
    • VMware tools installed
    • Guest Operating System Installed

    I haven't a damn clue what the answer is because I haven't found any useful documentation on it which lists any prerequisites.
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    Depends, you can console from the local client when the server is off, but in order to do so through the website the server must be on (which is stupid because if you need to reimage it becomes a pain).

    So really I don't know of a third, you need the server powered on to console in the Web client and VMware tools has to be installed. You don't need an ip, VMware tools install media isn't required by you already have it installed, guest os isn't required by you can image a vm from sctrach.

    Not sure sorry, my two answers would be powered on and tools installed.
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    Thats sort of what made sense to me, but with Guest OS installed too. Otherwise how is the vmware tools installed?
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    How would your createmail a vm? You have to image it at some point
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    Most likely answer are:

    VM powered on
    VMware tools installed
    Guest OS installed

    Which is wrong.

    You only need VM powered on. There was a bug where if you didn't have guest OS and VMware tools installed, mouse wouldn't work.
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    RIght that's my point, i get two of them i guess - but really you can have a console open without vmware tools installed on the VM - your interaction with the VM is just really crappy. Also you don't need the OS installed, i've imaged many a 'blank box' and i'm consoled in going through the installation setup.

    Take it with a grain of salt - it's a free exam someone probably just wrote up themselves. VCP 5 | is a decent overall study guide - it's for 5.0 though not sure if he's updated for 6.0 yet.
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