Doubt about Digital Signature and PGP

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Hi folks,

im getting so confusing about Digital Signature and PGP..

I see in the CISSP oficial book how Digital Signature works:

BoB wants to send digital signed email to John:

Bob hash him mesage (you can use hash like SHA-1), after he Encrypt him hash with him PRIVATE KEY. Then Bob send the email to John. John decrypts it using Bobs PUBLIC KEY....

But, looking some nice Youtube videos, i found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5FEqGYLL0o

It talks about HOW ASSYMETRIC KEY WORKS..and it Talks about PGP! PGP is also used to encrypt email.

But i think PGP works different, as is explained in this youtube video. How the video explain PGP:
Bob ask to John: John, send me your public key!
Bob receive John's public key, and encrypt the email with John's public key and send the email to John. So John can Decrypt it with John private key.

So, i have 3 questions:

1)I explained corret the Digital Sig. and PGP?

2)If yes, Digital Signatures and PGP are not the same thing, they really work different? Because some weeks ago, im thinking PGP and Digital Signature are the same things, and now im seeing it is not the same.

3)If they really are different as i sad, what is the advantage to use PGP or Digital Signature?
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