Unidesk and Citrix

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Is anyone using Unidesk with Citrix? Unidesk keeps reaching out to me and it looks pretty useful but I'm wondering about hands on experience. We're running 6.5 and looks like we have to upgrade to 7.6 before spring. I was watching a few videos from Unidesk and upgrading Citrix and it seemed fairly straightforward and easy. Opinions on Unidesk and Citrix?


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    I have deployed Unidesk in the past, but only for VMware View. I found it to be a very useful product.

    I don't have experience with Citrix though
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    Thanks for the reply! We are considering VMware View as well, just running into some printing problems that we aren't sure how to approach.
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    what type of printing problems?

    Good thing about Unidesk is, they typically handle print drivers well. With VMware View though, now there is the option of AppVolumes, which has similar functionality to Unidesk.
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    In an interesting (but not really surprising) turn of events, Citrix has acquired Unidesk
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    Hmm, that's interesting. The main printing problem we have right now is doctors want to be able to login anywhere, (while moving between different floors or clinics) and immediately have the Electronic Medical Records software working and set to the correct printers. We've been having problems getting that to work correctly and efficiently.
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