Passed today...thanks everyone!

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Passed today...1st attempt.

Honestly, the test was much different than I had anticipated. As others have said, not very technical but higher level as a Manager would think. Took break at question #200...marked about 50 for review. Went through approximately 10 questions on the review and was 2nd guessing each one, so rather than changing anything, I just clicked END REVIEW and crossed my fingers. My thought was that my initial answer was made with a clear mind / no fatigue, and my review was being done with a tired mind and I didn't want to chance it by changing answers.

Background 16+ years in Telecom & IT / Network Support...No security specific experience. Passed the Sec+ about 1 month ago and a fair amount of overlap of material with the CISSP, so decided to go for it. Studied 2+ hours every day for the past 30 days to prepare, more when you consider the time spent studying for the 2-3 months of preparation went into passing the CISSP.

Study Material

Shon Harris | All in One - reference only, opened the book maybe 5x..spent very little time reading page by page. maybe read 20 pages in the entire book.

Conrad 11th Hour | 3rd edition - read cover to cover 3x...very helpful, highly recommended.

Pocket Prep Android App - $29.99 for 600 questions...can't recommend as the question were far too technical for what is needed on the test

CCCure - recommended, especially for building stamina. again though, questions were more technical than the test. Reviewed just under 2900 questions. Mid 70% scores until the questions started to repeat, then Mid- Upper 80% scores(You have taken 76 quizzes so far in which there was a total of 2875 questions !)

Sunflower.pdf - free, useful.

Cybrary - probably the most helpful. watched the entire CISSP series 2x then listed to different modules on the way to the testing center. Kelly's approach was perfect for me to grasp and retain the concepts. & - hearing feedback and thoughts from others that have passed/failed was very helpful!

Good luck to all & thanks again for the help/advice you've provided!


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