CASP:To do or not to do

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Hi All,

I am from India. Have been wondering whether to do CASP-or to do CISSP
I am already having CISA and SSCP also ISO 27001 Implementer certifications.

Kindly help


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    If you fit the requirements for the CISSP, get the CISSP. If you work in Info Security it is just one of things everyone seems to want people to have. Get that big checkbox out of the way.
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    Thanks. I am in to IT and Systems audit for last 3 years ( No Prior IT exp). I can take the Associate of ISC2 only. Thats why the confusion between CASP or CISSP
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    CASP and SSCP overlap a lot, so it wouldn't be hard to get. If you can do CISSP, do CISSP. CASP would not add much to what you already have unless you were considering US military jobs.
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  • balaji1411balaji1411 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks Bro.

    I will stick to CISSP then :)
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