Passed with 816. tips + advice

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i passed on my first attempt. i don't have any professional I.T. experience. the only other certification i have is MTA 98:366

study materials
darril gibson AIO guide random vids on youtube

i studied off and on for about 6 weeks. i read thru the AIO book and if i got confused i would watch vids to get a better understanding. i scheduled the exam after i finished the book and gave myself a week to cram everything in. during the course of that week, i did the two 100 question exams in the book and most of the quizzes on examcompass.com. my voucher came with a practice exam that included scenario based questions so that was very helpful. i purchased my voucher from getcertified4less

the exam
i was scoring really high on the practice exams but the real exam is completely different. the way they word the questions is extremely confusing and its almost like the exam is designed to make you fail. my exam started with 6 scenario based questions, i instantly flagged those and went to the multiple choice. the multiple choice questions are wordy and it takes a while to read them and get a clear understanding of what they are asking. i ended up running out of time but i managed to answer all of the multiple choice and left some of the scenario questions incomplete. tbh i thought i was going to fail but i ended up passing lol

its a hard exam because of the way its structured and they dont give you enough time, u have to be really efficient. u should definitely know your ports, know the diff types of attacks, know the different encryption and hashing algorithms, take ur time reading and understanding the questions, save the scenario based questions for last and u should be able to pass. u should also having a basic understanding of networking before you attempt the exam
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