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Hi all,

I've passed the (ISC)2 SSCP exam and I want to apply for the certification. I have 6+ years of experience as IT systems analyst and I'm also responsible with the IT security tasks,Domains: 1. Access Controls 2. Security Operations and Administration 3. System and Application Security and 4.Network and Communications security . Has anyone submitted their resume to (ISC)2 and got accepted? Can someone forward the resume to me - just like a reference?

Appreciate your help.



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    You don't have to submit a CV/Resume anymore. Wait for the email from ISC that notifies that you have provisionally passed the test. They provide instructions and links on what to do next. You pretty much just list your work experience and proof of employment on their web form.
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    It only took them ~21 days to validate mine.
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    @OP Just print out your resume, mark job descriptions with the applicable domain, and use this as your guide for the online form. The online endorsement form is very much like a job application. There are areas for job description and a dropdown list for picking applicable domains for each job. Don't list any jobs that don't support your endorsement because that makes more work for your endorser or ISC2.
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    I just endorsed someone. You can include the resume an point it to the domains. The form does require an employee history.
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    When I submitted my endorsement stuff, I re-wrote my resume and directly referenced the domains that the job functions addressed. I left off anything that was not applicable to the endorsement process. Hope that helps!
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    Would you mind sharing your study resources? Thanks.
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    $bvb379 wrote: »
    Would you mind sharing your study resources? Thanks.

    Regarding SSCP study materials, check out these threads. I posted what I used to prep for (and pass the first time) the SSCP
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