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What certificate(s) do I need to learn the basics of LAMP development and also the basics of managing and maintaining servers? I know I probably don't need certificates to learn the LAMP stack but is there any certificate(s) that'll help build a good foundation in my transition into this stack?

My tech background:

none, but I did build a gaming rig once with the help of some youtube videos a couple of months ago, other than that I know how to turn the computer on and off, basic surfing of the web, and using google.

As of now I am in the process of getting my A+ as a starting point but would like more recommendation on which other certificates I'll need to reach my goal.

Thank you


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    What are you interested in and go on from there.
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    I'm interested in learning the LAMP stack

    Learning the skills needed to be able to do my own thing and put what I've learned into practical use. I'm not really looking to specialize in a certain area and I'm not doing it for a job but should a job cross my path after I've acquired the necessary skills I'll just consider the "job" as a bonus not a necessity.

    So what cert(s) can you guys recommend that will help me get as close to the LAMP stack as possible? Or certs that will help/supplement and make this stack easier to get into?
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    Linux + and/or LPIC-1 will help you with the basics of Linux management. Unless you can find a community college course focusing on a web servers administration certificate, your best bet is LFCE and/or LPIC-2. Both certifications should cover the topics you are wanting to learn. As far as PHP, Pearl or Python....that's up to you which one you want to fit into your stack.
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    would taking Comptia server+ make sense too then?
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    Any other suggestions?
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    Bare with me here as this isn't my area but when I don't understand something fully I look it up. And what it appears to be here is.........

    Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP
    That seems to be the basis of LAMP stack when I looked it up, and there seems to be certifications available in all four of those.

    It looks like you have to have a working LAMP system to be able to learn the technology and it looks like to be able to do that you have to work with an Apache distribution (?), so that's probably an area you'll need to understand first. Again, this isn't my area here. This is just from some Googling. Hopefully someone with more knowledge in this area can chime in because I'm really stretching it here even responding to you lulz but since it didn't look like you got many responses, I figured wth.

    And as for "the basics of maintaining and managing servers", that should be Server+, yes.
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    vuedoolor wrote: »
    would taking Comptia server+ make sense too then?

    Server + focuses on hardware for servers, so no it wouldn't be beneficial in becoming a LAMP guru. As I stated previously, pursue LPIC-1/Linux + and get that first. You'll need a good base knowledge of Linux prior to going down this path. Then get a PHP course and MySQL course (both available on Udemy for cheap). Then lab like a crazy person so you can become proficient.
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