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Hi all,

Having grown up and always had an interest in computers in various forms or other I have decided I would like to get some professional certificates. Whether I will use them to develop a career further down the road I am not sure of so for now it will be for personal gain and achievements.

My choice is computer networks. So i'm after a bit of advice on what certificate's to look at getting started with. I'm currently looking at the Comptia Network+ certificate as a starting base. Are there any others that people believe I should look at getting first?

My question is, that though I have some understanding of networks, the terms such as IP addresses, that a TCP is the protocol in which a connection is established. But I do not have any educational or professional experience so is there anything else that would be best to start with?

My second query is in the way that I study for these certificates, are there any methods that people have found to work best for them. I generally do best if I experience things first hand as oppose to "studying / reading" a book. So are there any online courses that would be worth undertaking or any software that would help to supplement general study?

I'm UK based so if anyone know's of any online courses they would recommend I would prefer them to be based here.

I know people generally study at their own pace how long did it take you to get your first certificate?

Thank you in advance. I don't intend this to be a one off post as I suspect that happens frequently as it does on numerous forums so you will probably see me about.


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    If you have no knowledge I would go with the Net+. Even if you dont certify in it the book alone will give you the knowledge you need to make things easier. From there CCENT then CCNA.

    If you havent yet try to get a job in IT in some fashion. Help desk, Service Desk, so you get more exposure to IT and you may learn that you want to do something besides networking.

    Studying unfortunately everyone is different and noone can really help with that. My case I do:
    Day 1 - read
    Day 2 - lab
    Day 3 - read
    Day 4 - lab
    Day 5 - read
    Day 6 - lab
    Day 7 - My day - no studies

    I've always been a book person also. Training videos and such are great but it is hit or miss depending the instructor.
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