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Good morning everyone,

Through the VCTP, I've been given the opportunity to take the CISSP at no cost to myself. However, my experience (in brief) is as such:

10 years of law enforcement/security (Managerial, Special Enforcement, Investigations, Physical Security)

1.5 years of IT experience (Patching/updating, hardening VTC infrastructure/endpoints)

I've submitted an inquiry with ISC2 in hopes that they're willing to recognize my LE experience and endorse me for my CISSP. I'll be taking the exam even if they don't because it's paid for and I think it'll be a great experience. What I'd like to know is, are there people here who've taken the CISSP with similar backgrounds and been endorsed? If so, are there any hiring managers who've come across these applicants? What is your initial impression when you get a resume with a CISSP cert and limited IT experience, but a solid foundation in Sec/legal principles (police/lawyers/etc)?. Does it depend on the nature of the job? How the applicant presents themselves and their qualifications? Would love to hear from some people on the interview boards.

I'm very confident in my abilities within certain domains such as Asset Security, ID & Access Mgmt, Sec Ops, and Security & Risk Mgmt, as these are less technical and focus more on broad aspects of security and management. My weaknesses are the more technical domains, which I'm improving, but my interests lie more in assuming a GRC or SECOPS/TRNG-type role.
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