70-697 Passed

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Hi Team,

I passed 70-697 today, after 2 failed attempts and a failed attempt of 70-797.

I have been watching this forum like a hawk, combing every thread for advice. I feel compelled to give my 2 cents, so here it goes.

TL;DR - Don't rush, check answers, don't rely on cramming and check the other threads for resources to assist.

This is not an easy exam, not 'not easy' as in this exam has some super hard questions that only l33t monsters from neighbourhood of Bill Gates would know the answers to. 'Not easy' as in you will not know what to expect every single time you try to take this exam. One minute, it's Windows 10, next it's Remote Desktop, Then Firewalls, NTFS perms, Share Perms, NTFS+Share perms, Intune policies and agent stuff, Storage Spaces, Azure AD, Windows Store for business, not to mention group policies.

It should really be called managing a MS Cloud Chop Shop infrastructure.

I cannot give solid advice as to how to get past this exam - which I know isn't helpful for you budding exam takers.

But I can tell you what not to do.

DO NOT RUSH. Read the question, read it again, sound it out like you are learning {insert local locale here} from infant ages. The amount of times, I had to re-read the question and because of rushing and nervousness mis-interpret the entire question. Let me give you an example.

Q. Your kitchen is large and has an awesome stove, you have three frozen burgers and half a bottle of mustard. You do not need to cook the burgers. How would you change the bitlocker pin using a script?

Point is, info states some stuff, and explicitly says, don't pay attention to that.. instead answer the question instead.

Similarly small details in the answers, if you rush the wrong answer will swear blind that it is the correct answer. Please, for the sake of my 2/3 failures, please DO NOT RUSH.

GO OVER YOUR ANSWERS. I mean it, once you finish all your questions, load that baby back up to question 1 and double check yourself, if you are unsure spend time.

Lastly, Cramming and **** aren't good for this exam, well they are alright, if you are a take practice tests accidentally not knowing that the answers are going to be in the exam, you will get stuck (not to say I did that).. but solely depending on MeasureUp, and **** for a quick pass will not make this exam easier for you.

Most of the dodgy **** from Dave on the Internet, have wrong answers and are actually from different exams. If you don't know much about the tech in the exam, you won't know right from wrong when you come across these.
However, MeasureUp has similar questions to the exam but generally worded different or said question is very very similar but the answers are completely different. Some answers on measureup are wrong - so a dependency on cramming won't get you anywhere.

I am not saying practice tests are useless, they will definitely help you - but try to understand what the questions are doing, how and why.

Resources I used:

CBT Nuggets for 70-697
MeasureUp 70-697
AMD4EVER's amazing doc on the sticky thread. Windows 70-697 materials
And attempts in using Intune
Played with o365 Trial just to understand MS' approach to other cloud stuff.

The buzz of passing is wearing off now, and I hope this has been informative as oppose to an internet rant.

Good luck guys

THANKS AMD4EVER YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART. oh and thanks Piers, for asking all the questions in the other thread that helps others.

Also, can an admin get in contact with RE my account on this forum, would appreciate it icon_smile.gif
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    Thanks for taking the time to post your advice for this exam! I am taking this test Thursday afternoon. I have been studying for about 2 months and spending extra time this week - 10 hours Sunday, 3 yesterday and probably 3 today. I I read Paneck's book 3 or 4 times, read many TechNet articles, watched videos on Microsoft's site and youtube and doing practice tests I found online and in Paneck's book and website.

    I feel like I am prepared - sometimes - then i feel like maybe I'm not. I haven't taken an MS cert test since I got my MCSE in NT4 so I am really sweating this one. I just don't know how much detail I need to know about each objective. I can definitely get through all the practice exams now (and actually understand WHY the answer is correct, not memorizing them).

    Anyway, that's my rant....back to studying for me.

    Congrats on the pass!!!
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    Congrats on the pass, great write-up :)
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    So exam is timed for only two hrs? How many questions? We have access to go back and forth in the exam for recorrect the answers?
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    Congrats ! Excellent News!
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