Sitting my 70-697 in less than a week

ObskiObski Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
I've been studying for it for the last couple months. I've watched Pluralsight's video series, CBT nuggets series, read the entire examref 70-697 configuring windows devices book, and done plenty of practice tests using A+ VCE player (doing both 687 and 697 questions).

Honestly, I'm still feeling very unprepared after reading a lot of people's personal recounts of their exam. In this last week I'm wanting to just revise and do practice tests, but all the VCE test files I've seen out there are a bit garbage. Wrong questions everywhere, and severely lacking in coverage in other areas.

Can anyone recommend me any practice tests or revision material to look at in my final week leading up to my exam?


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    analogkid1968analogkid1968 Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I'm taking it on Thursday and feel the same way. I figure if I fail it then at least I will know what to study for/concentrate on the next time. I have read so much the last 2 months and still don't feel confident about it.
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