JNCIP-SP review

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To renew my JNCIE I had to take the new JNCIP-SP (JN0-661) yesterday.

The exam consisted of 65 multiple choice questions, mostly scenario-based and of a conceptual nature. Some questions were aimed at trouble-shooting, for example understanding the omission of certain configuration elements required for the network to function correctly. Others were simply "find the mistake".

All in all I found it to be a pretty difficult exam, primarily because the broad range of topics. The addition of NG-MVPN and EVPN technologies makes it more challenging than the previous one.

My preparation consisted of using the day-one books for Ethernet VPNs, the JUNOS configuration guide for MVPNs, the JNCIS study guide, and the O'Reilly MX-series book. I also used a number of vMXes to get some cli experience with EVPNs en NG-MVPNs.

If you are preparing for this exam, pay close attention to the exam blueprint, which is published on https://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/resources/jncipsp/ and keep in mind that this is used by the item writers (the people who come up with the questions) to build the exam.

If you are looking to take this exam, make sure you have intimate knowledge of IGPs, BGP, MPLS, RSVP, LDP and all variants of VPNs. The CoS questions were fair and reasonable, but be sure to study the inner-workings of CoS on JUNOS.

I did not use any brain **** in my preparation so I can't comment on their accuracy.

Again, it's a very challenging exam so if you don't pass don't feel bad.


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