70-697 passed!

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Passed it today with 856. I haven't taken a cert exam since NT4, so it's been a while! It was tough and honestly I figured i failed it until the moment it displayed my score. The 2nd question threw me and I ended up marking 10 questions to go back and review. I figured i had ALL of those wrong, even after reviewing.

As someone else mentioned, take your time, and read every question slowly and multiple times. I went back over all of my questions at the end of the exam and there was 2 that I had wrong because I missed an important piece of info in the question. Sometimes one little bit of information might make one answer better than another.

I used the following to study:
- William Panek's MCSA book (3 stars - it glosses over a lot of stuff but it does have practice questions in the book and another 100 on the Sybex website). You will not pass by only reading this book. Not even close.
- TechNet articles - on every exam objective I Googled it + "technet". Lots and lots of Technet articles
- YouTube videos on different topics like Intune, Bitlocker, and others
- AMD's notes from another thread in this forum (thanks AMD!)
- My own notes for stuff I had a hard time remembering (DISM, Powershell, VPN, etc)
- Reading posts of others who have taken the exam

Good luck to all who have yet to take it!


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