Time management: Notes/flashcards vs practice tests

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I just started studying for the CISSP. My resources are the Sybex (7th), Cybrary videos, and plan on purchasing the Official ISC2 practice tests. So, combining the Sybex questions with the official questions I'll have nearly 3,000 questions.

My plan for each domain is to watch the Cybrary, read the corresponding Sybex chapter(s), then watch the Cibrary for reinforcement. After I've plowed through the videos and book, I will start taking the practice tests. I hope to be take the exam in 90 days (need to get it scheduled!).

Is taking a ton of notes/flashcards really worth the time if I'm going to be doing roughly a hundred practice questions daily over a couple of months? I should add that I'm an IT manager with a wife, kids, and puppy. I don't have a lot of free time.


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    Can't say I have taken the CISSP, but I'm guessing it would depends on what best works for you and helps you learn the material. I like taking notes and believe it helps ingrain the material in my head. Others may find that is a waste time and just prefer reading the material and going through a ton of practice tests while reviewing questions works best for them.
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    Whatever works best for you. I didn't take any notes or use flashcards. I started studying around February for the Sec+. Took a few weeks prepping for that and passed then immediately started studying for CASP. After a month or so I decided to skip that and go straight to CISSP. After a few weeks I got side-tracked and completed the FedVTE and Skillsoft CEH courses. After that I went back to the CISSP.

    Sec+ ~ 3 weeks
    CASP ~ 1 month
    CISSP ~ 2 months
    CEH ~ 1 month
    back to CISSP ~ 3 months

    i did take a few breaks in between about 1 week at a time. Roughly 4 weeks studying then a 1 week break.

    I passed the CISSP last week on my first attempt. i did take about 2000 practice questions. i used the Sybex 7th, Cybrary, FedVTE, and Skillsoft. i would say the Sybex 7th was the best source but followed closely by Cybrary. i think i could have passed with just those and could have skipped FedVTE and Skillsoft but the practice questions they offered did help mentally prepare for the test
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