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I am looking into something for a friend of mine. He wants to build a website that will host many short videos that a team of people will upload to, but he doesn't want to worry about storage space. Also, he will need some sort of database attached so that he can run statistics and comparisons etc. Its a sports website for all kinds of teams.

Is there anything out there that you know of that will cover the above. I thought of SmugMug, but it doesn't have the database ability. He is not a teckie either, so no configuring SQL by himself will work.


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    tigermantigerman Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
    To answer your question, I afraid for what you're looking for there no cheap option. your need to go with a big player like Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS and build the website code for scratch.there are other options out there but nothing that will fit your direct needs in house. another option would be to combined service of database host with that of a web host.
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    Unless you are a professional web developer, you will get in over your head pretty quickly with a build from scratch site like this. This looks interesting High School Sports - MaxPreps although you didn't say if it was highschool or something else it may serve as a good idea generator anyway.
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