Looking for low cost/free application solutions for small businesses

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Greetings yall,

I've just been offered the opportunity to build a couple of small business offices (30-60 people) in the South Florida region and I am looking for ideas of the different software packages I can offer them. For example I was thinking about implementing some sort of open source ticketing system, storage solutions, maybe a virtualization option.

Basically anything that can be used on a smaller scale to better a business
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    Spiceworks has some nice features, I am also a big fan of FreePBX.
    Thanks, Tom

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    Ubuntu, CentOS - Server
    WPS Office, Libre Office - Documents
    Virtualbox, KVm, Proxmox - Virtualization
    FreeNAS, Samba, NFS - Storage
    Spiceworks, osTicket, otrs - Ticketing
    Thunderbord - Mail client
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    Low cost is often cheaper than "free". For small business, I'd look at public cloud SaaS offerings like gSuite and Office 365. The advantage here is low administrative overhead and a lot of features. Potentially, you could set something like this up, and not have to provision a single server or worry too much about provisioning desktops or SOEs or all that fun stuff.
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