Transitioning Veterans/ -5 Years Transitioned Veterans

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This is the best opportunity in my opinion to have on your resume, the "tip of the spear" in a security certification. Are you (recently separated/separating) Veteran that's looking to break into the security field? Well you should read below. Have you been discharged and/or don't have the funds to pay for SANS training? Well you should read below. Are you around the DMV, Seattle, or Omaha areas ? Well you should read below. Get off of that Cisco scholarship forum trying to get "security" certs/training that nobody knows about (outside of TechExams) and just read below. I could continue on all day, just do me a favor and read below:


Air Assault!


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    TranceSoulBrotherTranceSoulBrother Member Posts: 215
    Thanks for the info.
    I've shared it with some of my Soldiers that are getting out. I will keep it in mind for my own transition...

    and the Bullwinkle is nothing. Gotta have your knees in the breeze lol.
    All The Way!
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    This is also available in the San Antonio area. The big catch with it is that you can't already be working in a cyber security job. It's also open to Guard and Reserve soldiers.
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    I wish this stuff existed for us ten plus years ago...

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