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Hello All,
I have moved my focus from CompTIA certifications / Security items to DBA. I’ve been lucky to land job (somewhat a low level dba role) working in SQL Mgmt. Studio and databases, and I figure I might as well make the best of it and possibly make it a career. I’ve been doing a lot of google search but haven’t really got the answer that I am looking for.

My questions are simple, what SQL certification can I go for to start out with for a beginner level. I checked the Microsoft and Oracle webpage but I do not understand the contents at all.

From what I got out of the Oracle website, I believed my options to start out with is the “Oracle Database 12c Certification” and then I read some else about “Oracle Database 11g” and now I’m all confused of the many different types of SQL certs. Is there some sort of list of career path available online that I can find?

All in all, I would like an SQL certification for beginner and hoping someone can provide me some detail and insight of the certification. Also, is it smart to go with Microsoft (since my work place is using it) or Oracle?

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you


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    11g is the version before 12c. Get the 12c. As for the 'beginner' level...certification..well..Maybe a MTA certification, look on Microsoft's site.
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    Thank you Scaredoftests. I forgot to mentioned, my work place is using Microsoft SQL Studio Mgmt, is it more ideal to go Microsoft SQL route or smarter to go Oracle? Is there much of a differences? I haven’t been expose enough to know if this even matters.
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    If your work has MS SQL get a cert with that.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-98-364.aspx
    That is what I got certified in.
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    I think the MTA: Database Fundamentals is actually a pretty solid entry level DB certification as far as knowledge goes. It's not like, a highly sought-after cert, but in my opinion the knowledge necessary to pass that exam will give you a good baseline to work with if you don't have any prior background in databases or database management.

    You're not going to be a DBA genius or anything after passing, but you will know basic theory and technical aspects of SQL databases.
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    I think the already mentioned Microsoft exam 98-364 (maybe followed by 70-461 or 70-462 if you're ambitious) is the best option. You probably want to get up to speed quickly for your job, and studying Oracle at this point will slow you down. Although some of the underlying database principles are the same, the tools used to manage SQL Server and Oracle are quite different.
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    Thank you all for this information, definitely helps and an eye opener. Another reason why I am asking this question is because I am also enrolled in WGU online school and my degree that I am going for list these two certs:
    Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals
    Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

    From the reading that I've gathered and also taking into consideration that my work place uses Microsoft product (no oracle SQL or sever), it makes sense for me to study for Microsoft SQL exam vs Oracle but because of school, I am require to go SQL and going theOracle route.

    This may be a dumb question but because I will be taking Oracle SQL courses, does anyone know if this will be a setback for me to wanting to do my job as a JR dba (working with Microsoft SQL Mgmt. Studio?) because the application, are the syntax, coding, and etc far different?
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    I personally think the MTA is more than enough for 90% of the people who use SQL. It's a nice to have and looks good on a resume.
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    First learn SQL and then learn the DBMS's. SQL is the language and the DBMS is what you use to manage rhe databases. If you know the language you will know pretty much how to navigate around any DBMS.
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    TheFORCE = If you know the rules of summation, inequalities in Algebra and set theory math SQL is a breeze to pick up.

    It all ties back to Math.
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    Microsoft SQL Server is the mainstay on the Windows side (Oracle is mainly used on Linux) and thats what you should stick with since you're using it daily. Microsoft has a track for SQL and even if you don't get certified, I'm sure the knowledge you'll learn along the way will benefit you. IMHO most people don't become DBAs because its a boring job...its the IT equivalent of being an account; the pay is good, but its no fun.
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