SENSS: Any Lab Training recommendations?

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I'm preparing to start studying for the SENSS test and I would like to obtain training and or labs for the test. I've attended Boson training in the past for CCNP and while the instructor was very informative it just moved way too quickly for me. I'm considering doing Boson again for SENSS but also considering Cisco's E-Learning course which would give me 1 year access to learning material and labs, I tend to learn best when I can read something and practice hands on the equipment. Cisco's E-Learning is 1500 for 1 year and Boson is 3500ish for 5 days, Cisco's E-Learning seems like the better deal for actually learning the content.

The logical choice to me seems to be Cisco but just wondering if anyone else has input? Does anyone have experience with Cisco's E-Learning and what are your thoughts about it? Thanks!


  • atippettatippett Member Posts: 154
    I've never used either, nor do I have CCNP Security. However, I think the option is a no brainer: Cisco E-Learning.
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    If you're talking about the Cisco Learning Network premium subscription, I wasn't overly impressed, they're just lecturing off of a slide show for the most part.
    I wouldn't touch the $1000-1500 stuff, because there's other stuff out there for SENSS. As for labbing, you can rent a rack from someplace like INE. Or you could make your own VMWare-based lab running GNS3 or VIRL if you're up for that. INE also has the all-access pass which is cheaper than Cisco E-learning and covers way more stuff. You have access to their entire library of Cisco training videos. I'm pretty sure they cover SENSS as well as similar Cisco security topics.
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    I agree with atippett. Cisco E-Learning is a no brainer. You get longer access to the material and labs. You said it yourself, "it just moved way too quickly for me". Save the extra money and take your time. I just purchased their E-learning for the CCNA Security and the structure/content/labs are superb compared to the book. I haven't taken the test yet so I can't say if it's a one stop shop for getting certified.

    P.S. You should wait for a week and see what deals Cisco has on their E-learning.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll check out INE as well, do they offer SENSS labs? Is VIRL a Packet Tracer replacement? I recall hearing about Cisco working on a virtual environment similar to GNS3, didn't realize it was completed. My CCNP expires in August so I better get to work!
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    VIRL is a virtual environment that has actual virtual images of the latest Cisco gear, routers, firewalls etc. The nice thing about VIRL vs GNS3 is that it's all legal and licensed from Cisco, and you don't have to go to some shady website or file repository to download questionable images that are probably older versions without the latest features. Packet tracer is a simulation of switches and routers that can do the actions of some commands but not all of them, it's not the actual devices.
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    VIRL is a great option. ASAv (with ASDM) is included
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