what is faster ether channel. or fiber

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what is faster ether channel. or fiber


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    Etherchannel is a technology that allows ethernet ports to be aggregated together, with up to 8 active. This gives aggregated total bandwidth of "up to" 800Mbit/s, 8Gbit/s, 80Gbit/s etc depending on the rate of each port. Fibre is a cable technology, much like twisted pair copper cable (Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-6 etc) that is standardised for ethernet at a number of speeds ranging from 10Mbit/s to 100GBit/s.

    Fibre tends to be faster than copper (or rather fibre has tended to lead in the race to higher speeds), but it's main advantages are that it doesn't suffer interference and attenuates less which means you can run it longer distances at the same high speeds. It is also more secure, since it is harder to splice into fibre cable and you can read a signal through induction, and you need fewer repeaters and other vulnerable points. And, in certain applications, much more durable.

    You can etherchannel fibre ports, as well. You can also mix and match copper and fibre in etherchannels, although this is not typical.

    So, in short, an EtherChannel with multiple active 10Gbit/s fibre ports will be faster than a single fibre 10GBit/s connection.
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