WGU masters level scholorships?

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I am considering getting my MBA or MS in infosec from WGU. I will only do this debt free (scholarships and/or cash flow). Obviously full scholarships is ideal however it seems finding them for master level is a lot harder than bachelors. My job doesn't offer anything and I know that WGU offers a $2000 one. Any suggestions other than Google of where I am able to get legit scholarships?

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    WGU offers select scholarships but the caveats are:
    - you get $500 per term. If you finish faster, you will forego the rest of the money.
    - you only get one scholarship, even if you qualify for more.

    I applied for 3 of them, and only got approved for one. Those are their rules.
    Other than that, I haven't found too many out there...or at least ones that I could qualify for under the IT or business umbrella.
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    I am beginning the MBA: ITM program on 12/1 and applied for one scholarship and was approved. There are not really a lot of IT related scholarships at the graduate level so if you do not qualify for aid, you're going to have to bite the bullet and pay out of pocket after you receive your scholarship. Look on the bright side, it's cheaper to pay the WGU tuition than to pay a brick and mortar more than 3x that amount for grad school.
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    There's a bunch on scholly. Although I applied for a ton there and all the WGU ones that I qualified for and didn't hear one word back on any of them. Doesn't feel like scholarships are a real thing, just a way to do more data mining on people.
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    Yeah a lot of these scholarship sites seem like a scam at best.
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