WGU: MBA, MBA-IT, MS IT Mgmt or MSCSIA not sure I wan't to be in IT anymore

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I got my B.S. in network and communications management back in 2004 and have been working in IT ever since. Lately I have been trying to move into an IT manager role but have not been successful. I have not had any professional people management experience. In addition I am pretty tired of the IT field, other than the pay. Not a fan of all the after hours work, high stress levels, always needing to renew certs, etc.

On the other hand it is not really feasible financially at this point to shift into another career along with the fact that I don't know what I would do or want to do. Because of this I am leaning more towards the generic MBA that would give me the ability to maybe shift to something else outside of the IT field. At the same time there is an obvious benefit of getting something IT related due to where I am at today.

I enjoy information security, I have my security+ and SSCP currently along with some other non-security certs. However like management I don't have enough experience in information security to make the jump to a senior level or security management role. Granted a masters in security isn't a guarantee of anything either but maybe would be helpful should I go that direction.

You guys have any feedback on where I should go from here?


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    Try to move into a lead role then into a full blown management role


    Try transitioning into a infrastructure project management position or some IT PM role and then transition into management


    Pre sales/Solutions, depending on your skills. This will allow you to focus more CRM and RFP / Negotiations.

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    How long have you been in your current role and with this company? Kinda sounds like it's time for a change of scenery because a lot of the stuff you mentioned varies with the company. I hardly have any on-call/after hours stuff nor do I have high stress where I work, but other security analysts may feel differently.
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    Been here for almost 2 years, have been trying for a long time to find something different. Specifically been looking for an IT manager role where I would lead a small group of people. I recently went through an interview process with a company I thought I had and ended up not getting it. Am still looking but a little worn out at this point.
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    MBA,CASP,CISSP... still has high stress and works 80 hours a week ( two full time jobs ) I can do this for about 3 more years but then it is time to slow down to 70 hours a week and move into MGT.

    I understand what you mean ... IT lost its fun long ago.... just pays the bills that is all...

    *edit If you want to move into MGT how about becoming a subject matter expert and then look for an opening.
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    Try to move into a lead role then into a full blown management role


    Try transitioning into a infrastructure project management position or some IT PM role and then transition into management


    I agree with databasehead, this would be the best route to take if you want to transition out of IT. If you pursue any kind of graduate study in management, it will only improve your chances of landing some type of managerial position
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    Don't think I would do well at sales, maybe some technical engineer position doing sales but not sure how this pays or if its commission based. I don't think I would enjoy project management. If I had to pick something in the IT field it would be a hands on infosec manager type position where I still am working on stuff but moving on up.

    Outside of IT I have no idea what I would do that would pay.
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    I think DataBaseHead was thinking sales engineering, basically you become sort of a consultant to the customer, proposing a solution to their problem (pre-sales) or helping them after they have bought the system to correct any issues that crop up (post-sales). I have personally never heard of a sales engineer that is commission based.
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    So I am taking steps to enroll, I applied over the thanksgiving break but I picked the MSCSIA but still not 100% sure. On the IT side I do enjoy security at the same time I'm not sure I want to be stuck here forever in which case maybe the MBA would be a better overall option or maybe even the MBA in IT.
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    If you don't like stress, hours and having to constantly study and learn I can't imagine why you'd want to get into security. The stress is not bad if you love what you do but you need to be learning constantly to stay on top of things. I'd go for the generic MBA or maybe the MBA in IT and try to see if you can even structure your current job to include any "management", meaning you might be a lead tech over 2 other people and giving them guidance, etc.
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    If you aren't 100% sure, you might not want to go through with it, or change to the MBA.
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