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Hello all, I am a longtime lurker first time poster. I have looked around in forums on the net and have been most compelled with this site. I have never belong to a forum before so this is my intiial leap. I'll give a little history of myself and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

First I have been involved with building and repairing computers for almost 8yrs. I also have hands on experience working with cisco routers thru one of the local community colleges. This was about 3 yrs ago. I never got the chance to take the ccna b/c of personal reasons, and now I would like to pursue this on my own with the help of this site (fingers crossed)

I would love for someone to give me pointers and direction as I feel completely lost after the last couple of yrs. I am posting here first b/c I am pursuing my A+ first, then N+ and then onto the cisco stuff. I have the following materials to study from:

1. A+ In Depth by Jean Andrews
2. Sybex CBT's which are supplied by my employer
3. This site

Sorry to be so long winded, and thanks for your time & kind words.



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    Hi and welcome,
    I would love for someone to give me pointers and direction as I feel completely lost after the last couple of yrs.
    I'm not sure what exactly you need pointers on, but here goes:

    It's perfectly doable to attain these certs on your own. The opportunity is definitely there, all you needs is the means and a motive. I recommend adding some commercial practice tests to your list of study material, and take a look at the sites we link to on our CompTIA links page, our A+ pages, and topsites section, for more free study material.

    If you want some advice for the Network+ and CCNA exams I suggest posting a message in the corresponding forums.

    Good luck! And don't hesitate to post again if you have any questions.
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    thank you so much, as I think that a lot of interaction with people in the know will help motivate me. I will also take your advice and follow the links provided.

    Thanks again
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    I'm not familiar with the book you listed, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good tool.

    I prefer Meyer's All-in-one book as well as Sybex books.

    You may wish to obtain a copy of the objectives to work as an outline of where your time studing is best spent. Otherwise, get as much hands-on practice as you can and learn the IRQ/DMA settings.

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    Thanks for the suggestion on the outlines. It would probably be a good idea to know what to expect.

    thanks again.
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