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I always see open infosec positions in my area that give me a laugh. I figured I'd start documenting them here whenever I'm bored
  • Entry-level SOC analyst (honestly, that's a bad idea to begin with. SOCs with entry-level people won't get my money)
  • contract position (infosec jobs in my area are impossible to fill. anybody looking isn't going to waste time on a 6 month-to-hire spot)
  • in charge of administering & tweaking splunk + snort + rules (not exactly a task suitable for an entry-level person)
  • CEH is a suggested cert.... seeing a lot of this lately, most for non-hacking jobs. i understand offense informs defense, but still...... at least they didn't ask for a CISSP
posts like this remind me of why i don't outsource my security. last thing i want is an entry level person with 0-2 years of experience running my siem + IPS..... i'll freely admit security people need to start somewhere, and anywhere is a good start, but i really am amazed by the number of companies running managed security services with mostly junior and entry-level people. and they keep making tons of money doing it......


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    What area do you live in? For someone looking for experience, this sounds like an excellent opportunity. Again, like you stated having entry-level analysts managing a SIEM and IPS is laughable. These companies running as MSSPs are banking on the fact that security will continue to blow up and other companies will continue to need their services. Which at this point is looking like a great investment for them. These types of job post will continue to pop up as long as business is booming. And right now, business is good.
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