Configuring Frame-Relay Serial Interface and Serial Sub Interface

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I was practicing able was able to configure a Frame-Relay Hub and Spoke(point-to-point).
I have three Spokes and all of them don't have a Serial interface instead just the sub- interface

My question is can I have a serial interface(s0/0/0) and a serial sub interface(s0/0/0.100) in a Spoke router?

I tried adding the serial interface because I was trying to continue it with the default routing config.. but then after that the frame-relay won't connect anymore. Any tips or advice please.


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    How would you connect a serial sub-interface physically? If the cables are point to point, how would you connect to multiple devices?

    The other word of advice is that frame relay is deprecated from the current CCNA R+S, so you don't nee to study it.
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