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techhacktechhack Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
I have recently passed elearnsecurity ejpt, I am trying to decide between OSCP or SSCP or CEH. Would anyone have any recommendations?


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    NetworkNewbNetworkNewb Member Posts: 3,298 ■■■■■■■■■□
    OSCP, go big or go home. Assuming you want to get into Pen Testing that is
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    chrisonechrisone Member Posts: 2,278 ■■■■■■■■■□
    if you have not invested money into elearn securitys PTP course, then jump into OSCP.
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    Mike7Mike7 Member Posts: 1,107 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Getting into pen testing? Understand that CESG CHECK program is used to accredit firms doing pen testing services within UK, similar to US's DoD 8570. And CREST certifications fulfils the requirements. Perhaps you want to check out CPSA and CRT.
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    RichAsskikrRichAsskikr Member Posts: 51 ■■■□□□□□□□
    From my own experience...

    I did CEH as helps get past the HR firewall > I read up for SSCP, then decided against doing the exam due to finances and the fact it never gets asked for on any job specs, and instead went for CRT > OSCP!!

    My recommendation if you know you may want CHECK Team Member status later....you could miss CEH, read up on SSCP, go for CRT, then OSCP.
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    636-555-3226636-555-3226 Member Posts: 975 ■■■■■□□□□□
    if you want to be a pentester, OSCP beats CEH hands down
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