How to delete vlan on cisco switch?

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hi, I am unable to remove vlan 32 from my switch. I tried "no vlan 32" . When I tried "vlan database" - "no vlan 32" it said vlan 32 does not exist ...but it still display when I hover my mouse on the switch! any idea? Thanks


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    I think that's a bug of packet tracer..
    When you run "no vlan 32" the vlan gets removed and it's not listed anymore when you run the command "sh vlan". I tried it and it is removed but is shown when i hover my mouse on the switch, so the same problem as you have. I also tried to create another vlan and then remove it. This works, it's not listed when i hover my mouse on the switch. And when i make a new vlan on a completely new switch after the same process (creating/removing) it's not listed too when i hover my mouse on the switch. BUT when i take another new switch and create the vlan 32 and remove it, it is listed again when i hover over the switch. (???)

    I don't have a clue why, probably just a bug but funny that it's only with vlan 32.
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    Ahh to be a Jr. Engineer again!

    Switch(config)#no int vlan 32


    To delete all vlans

    Switch#delete vlan.dat
    Delete filename [vlan.dat]?
    Delete flash:/vlan.dat? [confirm]
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    it worked! thanks. icon_cheers.gif
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