Remote access VPN to Sonicwall behind Mikrotik router

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The current working setup is: ISP -- Sonicwall -- Cisco Switch. The sonicwall has a public /28 on its wan port now, Internet works great and we're able to vpn in just fine. Life is beautiful.

Now the voip vendor shows up and says that they have to put their mikrotik router at the edge in our for the voip appliances to talk back to cloud cuckoo land.

If the mikrotik goes to the edge and that current /28 block goes on its wan port instead of the sonicwall, how can I keep vpn access working? My guess is unless they can configure vpn passthrough or set one of the mikrotik ports as bridged to the wan port then I'll have to create a /30 between the mikrotik and sonicwall and then keep the existing /24 subnet scheme behind the sonciwall. But say he cant go bridged mode, if the public /28 is on the mikrotik, how will the sonicwall vpn clients connect to the sonicwall? Will he have to port forward or NAT to the sonicwall?


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    Doesn't the Sonicwall do NAT? It seems to me if a Voip device is making an outbound connection then it should be able to talk to anything in cuckoo land and then that connection should be able to talk back. What else am I missing?
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    Just get them to set up a static route for the relevant IPs to the Sonicwall. Unless they are filtering traffic, you shouldn't have any issues. It will just be another hop between you and the rest of the world.
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