ACE Forensic Toolkit Certification TESTING CENTER?

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Hello Guys!

I took a Forensic Course while I was in college last year, and we used FTK a lot. I may have a job lined up, but I first need to get ACE certified. I've been studying for the exam, but I need to find a system with a copy of FTK that I can take the test on. Does anyone here know of a location/testing center I could use to take the exam? Somewhere in central TN would be ideal, but I can travel.

Thanks! :D


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    Why not email your old professor and ask if you can use a system for an hour or two to take the ACE? You don't need to go to a formalized testing center to take the ACE.
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    Thanks for the reply. I emailed my professor, but I'm still waiting on him. I just wanted so see if there were any other options in TN in case my professor doesn't let me take the test. Thanks
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    Testing centers are not going to have FTK installed and ready to go for you, because they sell tests and ACE is a free test you take on the Syntricate site.

    A school may be one of the only places you will find that use FTK, besides a law enforcement agency that does their own forensics.
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