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Hey there,
New to the site and IT/infosec in general for the most part.
I was curious how long most people spent studying for the N+.

I'm doing graduate school as well as freelance audio work to pay my bills and have been slowly studying N+ material so I haven't really been cruising through it but as the semester is ending I will have time to really crush some studying. I'm currently about 3/4ths the way through Mike Meyers' N+ course on Udemy and have also been checking out random stuff online... really highly thinking about grabbing the N+ bundle from CompTIA that includes CertMaster, an exam take, and a retake. Would the Udemy course along with CertMaster and an additional book be sufficient in studying for the N+?

I'm getting into this field from audio, but have always had interest in computers and networks and even took some comp sci classes back while starting my bachelors but only recently decided to start looking into this area as a career. So far the material doesn't seem too difficult to grasp but I don't want to walk into a cert exam and blow it, so I'm curious how long most people tend to take before they're confident in the material enough for the exam.


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    FWIW, I used one book to prepare the Network+ when I did it, which I read over the course of one or two weekends. I think a decent book and practice test would be sufficient. I'm not sure of the Mike Meyers' course personally, but his stuff has had good reviews here.

    How long people take varies a lot. It depends on how much you already know, how much time you can spend studying each day, how smart you are, etc.
    Typically, you'd be looking at between 30-120 hours per exam, which might mean a week of study or 3 months.

    Cramming can have the downside that you forget everything once you've done the exam, but if you take too long, you start to forget some of the material you studied at the beginning.
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    @xerxes please do not solely rely on Mike Meyers videos. Although they are fun they lack a real depth and you would be unprepared for test. After you finish his videos go watch professer Messers videos ad it will fill in alot of blanks. He covers every one of comptias network+ objectives. Then go to exam compass and take all 20 sum odd of the practice tests and keep track of your score on each one. Then you will know you are prepared.
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