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Hi everyone,

After completed the exam when I will know my CISSP EXAM Result ? like Microsoft exam
will be rented or by email?



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    You will know your test results after you click the submit button at the end of the exam. I don't know what you meant with the Microsoft exams but i also got my results right after completing the exam.
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    After you click submit the proctor comes and logs you off. When you go to the front desk they hand you a printout that tells you whether or not you passed. It doesn't tell you on the screen.
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    Thank you all, my exam is scheduled at the end of this month a bit nerveless, but keep reading and practicing.......
    I have written many Microsoft exams but scared for this one when i think of 6hrs and 250 Q.............. OMG.
  • huddahudda Member Posts: 101
    sorry for not clear my Q I meant for Microsoft exam result we will know once we completed the exam up on the screen. now I know from your reply.

    Thank you.
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    This would have been a good question to have asked before I took the test. When I completed the exam and it said see proctor for results I was sure I failed. I am so used to seeing my score right there in front of me on completion. I would love to have known what to expect beforehand since it left me dejected for a few minutes until I saw the printout.
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    As stated above, it doesn't display on the screen, the examiner gives you a letter which is folded over the result! They don't tell you the "score" you got if you pass btw, simple says "Pass", only if you fail does it give you a score apparently icon_neutral.gif
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