ISP doing circuit maintenance

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I am curious about something.
Let say that a certain maintenance has to be done on a particular PE.
1 customer rejects the maintenance but another accepts it.
What happens?


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    Depends how much that customer pays!
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    if your asking the customer then you have to go by what the answer is.
    if the customer doesn't have a choice, why are they being asked.
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    Does it mean it is a no choice situation for the customer if he is low priority?
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    if they have no choice, you notify them and they work around you.
    if they have a choice, you ask and you work around them.

    it all depends on service contracts, sla's, etc. The key is the terminology that you used. In the situation you described, a customer rejected the maintenance. the question is does the customer have to right to stop the maintenance. During business hours, probably so. During a maintenance window, probably not.
  • dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
    What if it straddles between 2 sites with different time zones?
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    dppagc wrote: »
    What if it straddles between 2 sites with different time zones?

    Look, this has nothing to do with CCNP topics. You might be better of posting in the Off-topic forums; could get a faster response over there. What you're asking now is all down to company politics and rubbing customers the right/wrong way.

    Might be better to give all customers tied to that PE device a notice that maintenance HAS to happen and instead of asking them if they're ok with it, give them 2 or 3 options (dates) to pick from. This way you'd be giving them notice and somewhat allowing them to have a say in it. Making them agree on the same date, well that's the account manager's task.
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    negru_tudor is right - you may get better responses in the off-topic thread, since this doesn't relate to the CCNP exams.

    That being said - there are a lot of factors that come into play such as SLAs, expected downtime, etc. If an ISP has to perform maintenance (firmware updates, card swaps, etc) on their side, then there can only be so much delay from a customer factored in. The ISP I worked for calculated the best time overall to perform the changes and then sent out a maintenance notification, we didn't ask permission. A lot of SLAs have exceptions noted in them for carrier side maintenance.
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