How much networking do I need to know to learn AWS VPC?

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What different networking concepts do I need to learn before I start delving into AWS VPC. I don't want to have to go through a whole cisco just to be able to use the VPC.


  • EagerDinosaurEagerDinosaur Posts: 114Member
    You don't need deep networking knowledge before studying AWS VPC. Just a basic understanding of IP addresses, protocols, subnets, ports, NAT, etc. From what I've seen so far, AWS VPC is just one of about 20 commonly used AWS services. Although it's likely to be part of every AWS solution, it's not particularly complicated.
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    VPC networking is very simple, comparatively speaking, though there are some things you should understand such as subnets (at a basic level), ACLs, security groups, and route tables. With a VPC, you define a subnet when it is created and you cannot change that subnet afterward, though you can create subnets within it. You can get by just fine in most cases by using the default VPC, subnets and route table which AWS provides for you.

    Is there a specific use case you're trying to build for?

    Next up, CCSP.
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