Call Manager Express trunk with PBX + CUE for 24 users

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Hello guys,

I am working to a project for a customore that wants a cheap Cisco VoIP solution that has IVR.They dont have enough money so I need to make the migration slowly from the old PBX.

I want to implement a cisco 2811 router with PVDSM 16/32 + CUE + 4FXS ports and a 3560 Poe 24 ports with 7970 Ip phones.

So I have to make a trunk with the old analog PBX via FXS ports.The PBX is connected to the PSTN the 4 fxs ports and the dsp enough ?

They usally get heavy traffic from outside world and everything is analog.

And they also want IVR like : for x press 1001 for y press 1002.Is this possible with a CUE basic license?

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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    If memory serves me right the basic CUE license should be enough for basic auto attendant for anything over version 7.0 but if you want voicemail you may need to purchase licenses for additional mailboxes on the CUE.

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